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Customer Testimonials

My mother had a bad cockroach problem in her house. No matter what she tried, it was a losing battle. The situation was very bad in the kitchen and had spread to the living room where she often found cockroaches on the arm of the sofa, in the carpet, or crawling up the wall. We tried your Trap-A-Roach Hoyhoy and were amazed to see the numerous cockroaches that were trapped! The number of cockroaches is  declining noticeably every day. Needless to say that we're just very happy with the outcome. We were excited when we first read about Trap-A-Roach Hoyhoy, but you should see us now. We just wanted you to know this.




 After discovering that my newly hired apartment was infested with cockroaches, I wanted to get rid of the creatures as quickly as possible without the use of chemicals. You guys were very compassionate and quick to respond to this problem. Thanks to Trap-A-Roach Hoyhoy I was able to quickly get rid of all the cockroaches. I would recommend Trap-A-Roach Hoyhoy as a safe and natural way to control pests!

B. Dean 



 We tested the Trap-A-Roach Hoyhoy product in one of our rental cars. It catched 5 cockroaches in less than 15 minutes. This is the best performance we've ever seen with a trap!  I'm thoroughly impressed.



Repeated attempts to eliminate cockroaches that had plagued our home failed and the chemicals used caused extensive health problems. The health hazards of these chemical pesticide “solutions” are just coming to light but from my personal experience and that of my family the effects are debilitating, and unfortunately the cockroaches just came back anyway. We have tried your Trap-A-Roach Hoyhoy and the cockroaches have been practically eliminated except for the occassional insect passing by, but there is no evidence of cockroach waste matter since.